About Me

From my first line of JavaScript at eight years old, I knew programming was the right thing for me. After completing my first real-world project, I wanted to turn my passion into my career. I am in my first year of high school and working to master Python. In addition to programming skills, I received a patent from the Connecticut Invention Convention. I hope to turn my love for problem solving and computers into my future.


All project source code can be found on GitHub


RTX 3070 Bot

October 2020

After failing to obtain an RTX 3070 on launch day, I wrote an automated bot that will email me when the product is in stock at either Best Buy or Newegg. This program checks the supplied links to see if the product is in stock. RTX Bot has been pushed to Heroku.

Todoist-Classroom Integration

Septemeber 2020

Todoist-Classroom Integration takes assignments from Google Classroom and adds them as tasks to Todoist. Each Google Classroom can be assigned a project in Todoist. This project is currently running on Heroku.


Seek WiFi

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020

Seek WiFi is a Windows application built in Python. This real-world application connects users to the fastest WiFi network. I made Seek WiFi as entry to the Connecticut Invention Convention. I exceeded my goals and journey to the National Invention Convention for the second time.